EcoVolt Junior

Built for endless fun

EcoVolt Junior

Kart Overview

The EcoVolt Junior has been designed exclusively for children through to younger and shorter adults. The modular design features a powerful, maintenance-free brushless motor, reliable controller and lightweight lithium-ion battery.  It offers a ‘plug and play’ solution that is easy for staff to manage. With a sliding seat and adjustable pedal system, the kart provides complete flexibility for driver height variation. The optional De Haardt speed control system gives the operator absolute control over the speeds of the karts and with up to three custom settings, this innovative safety feature is a game-changer for your business.

Key Specifications
Driver Height Min and Max1.25m - 1.6m
Driver RangeJunior

EcoVolt Junior

Key Features

Optional Remote Shutdown and Speed Control Settings

For greater customer and staff safety

Engine Sound Emulator

Enhance your driver experience with this awesome add-on!

Adjustable Steering Column

Provide greater flexiblity to different driver sizes

Adjustable Pedals

Three stage adjustable pedals with all new metal floor tray

EcoVolt Junior

Specification Summary

For a full breakdown of the technical specification of the kart, please download our Technical Specification document

3.5kW, 25Nm PMAC Brushless motor
24V, 275A Motor Controller (300A, 10sec)
25.6V, 1.5kWh Lithium-Ion (LFP) battery
Active Balancing Battery Management System (BMS)
Tri-colour controller diagnostics LED
Tri-colour battery diagnostics LED
Forward and reverse operation
Emergency stop switch
Automotive waterproof wiring harness
Black high strength twin tube welded chassis
Heavy-duty steering wheel
Black metal-ended track rods
Adjustable sliding seat
10mm steering joints
Taper roller bearing Billet stub axles
20mm removable front wheel shafts
Heavy-duty plastic seat
Three-position red and green flip-over pedals
Electronic anti-double pedal system
Duro tyres
EcoVolt Junior bumper system
EcoVolt Junior bodywork
Quick-release axle safety cover with wheel protection
Custom design graphics set
Single phase up to 50A or three phase up to 100A Charging Options
Options include
Remote shutdown and three-speed control settings
Pit lane and sector speed limit
Roll bar and seat belt
LED brake light
Choice of chassis colour
Upholstered seat
Adjustable steering column
Active battery cooling

EcoVolt Junior

Let us walk you around the EcoVolt Junior

EcoVolt Junior

Hear what our customers have to say

Since opening I have been hugely pleased with the fleet for a number of reasons. Firstly due to the fact that these karts really confound customer expectations in terms of their performance, especially how well they accelerate and handle. Secondly by the design and aesthetics which give a real WOW factor to our drivers. Finally by their impact on the operation of the circuit which is cleaner, quieter, and simpler!

Russell Martin, Site Manager, TeamSport Karting, UK

With a legendary name like Andretti on the building, we have a very high standard that we strive to uphold for our karting experience. After extensive research and testing of other kart manufacturers on our tracks, we made a confident decision to go with Biz Karts based on power, stability, safety and overall drive comfort for our guests. The Biz Kart team has gone above and beyond extensively training our staff on the mechanics and operation of their karts as well as providing rapid support for any questions or problems that we have had.

Lee Pitts, Chief Operations Officer. Andretti Indoor Karting, USA

Absolutely amazing experience purchasing these phenomenal machines! Calling them go karts is simply an understatement! Adam and Chris are great people for help and advice, simply don’t hesitate!

PMG Karting World, UK

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