BIZ completes funded feasibility study on new battery technology

In March, BIZ Karts completed a 3 month feasibility study of new battery technology. BIZ Karts teamed up with Brad Bunyard of EV Parts, a leading battery expert and consultant to assist in obtaining accurate measuring data. During the study, BIZ sourced the latest generation cells from around the world to bench test to kart duty cycles for indoor and outdoor markets The results were both fascinating and encouraging. After finding the best cells from leading manufacturers, our engineers moved on to study various methods for keeping batteries cool experimenting with thermally conductive but electrically insulating materials and liquids. Programme Manager and Lead Engineer Chris Day said “the last three months have been hard work and we have achieved some great, intriguing results on a relatively low budget. We think we are on the right track to make something revolutionary in the industry. It has encouraged us enough to invest in some top of the line new equipment that will be used to pursue our goals further. We hope to secure further funding in the future”.

BIZ Karts would like to thank the UK Niche Vehicle Network for their support. We’ll keep you up to date as we progress with this exciting project. For more information on our electric kart, please contact the Sales Team or check out our Kart Page.

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